Veenentaal develops applications on the intersection of language and computers. Veenentaal translates the results of scientific research into practically usable, accessible language applications.

Veenentaal is an initiative of Remco van Veenendaal. Remco van Veenendaal 2016As software engineer, computational linguist, senior technologist/lecturer, project manager and member of the board, I have acquired more than fifteen years’ experience on the intersection of language and computers. I viewed this intersection from the four perspectives business, education, research and government:

At the latter two organisations, I was project manager of the Flemish-Dutch Human Language Technology Agency (HLT Agency or TST-Centrale), a repository for digital Dutch language resources.

From March 2015 onward, I work for the National Archives of the Netherlands (Nationaal Archief) in The Hague – from the digital national language to the digital national memory of the Netherlands. I started as Preservation Advisor, and am now Preservation Officer. In March 2015 I also initiated Veenentaal. Visit my LinkedIn page for more work experience information, of open my CV: CV-RvV, in Dutch.

As mentioned, Veenentaal develops language applications. Through the Veenentaal hobby project I keep up my knowledge about the field of language and speech technology. Where possible, Veenentaal uses existing open source applications to show what is already possible and available. An example is redekundig.nl, an application for parsing Dutch sentences and describing the grammatical functions and categories of the parts.